Tarbooj Sharbat



  1. 1 Pint Strawberries
  2. 3 cup fresh Watermelon Juice (Tarbooj Ka Raas) Tarbooj+Sharbat
  3. 1/2 tsp pureed Ginger (Adrak)
  4. 3 tbsp Sugar (Cheeni)


  • Wash and stem the berries in cold water.
  • Force through a food mill to separate seeds from the puree.
  • Alternately place a nylon sieve over a bowl and, using a pestle or outstretched fingers, push to extract the fruit puree, discard the seeds.
  • Combine all the ingredients in a jug, stir well and refrigerate for few hours.
  • Stir and serve in glasses with crushed ice.