Hydrabadi Mutton Biriyani

By: ON July 3rd, 2012

Ingradiants:  Basmati rice 500 grams black cumin 1 tsp boiled egg for decoration (optional) 2 piece Cashew nuts (Optional) 50 grams coriander leaves 1 bunch Curd 2 cup garam masala 2 tbsp Garam masala powder 2 tbsp Garlic and ginger paste 2 tbsp Golden fried sliced onions 2 cup gr chilli 2 piece Lime juice 2 meat tenderizer 1 tbsp mint 1 bunch Mutton 1 KG Oil 5 tbsp Red chilli pdr 1 tbsp Rose Water (optional) 1 tbsp Saffron 1 pinch Salt to taste Turmeric powder 1 pinch Method:  First boil the water ,add oil, salt and cook rice half cooked. Next maranation of mutton, in pan take mutton, add all the spices and curd, onion, Now n a pan add the maraniated mutton ...More